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24th of March 2022

NEO Kazan Palace by TASIGO

Tatiana Efimova

Sales manager

NEO Kazan Palace by TASIGO 4* offers 96 elegant rooms that will impress you at first sight.

«TASIGO» hotels - Kazan Palace by Tasigo 5 was opened two years ago, and NEO Kazan Palace by Tasigo is located on the same

territory and is connected by a cozy interior garden. Guests have a unique opportunity to use the services of not one, but two hotels at once.

The interior of NEO is distinguished by the unique design. The halls of the hotel resemble street boulevards illuminated by lampposts.

Our luxury hotel with four thoughtful designed levels representing the power of nature, which will enrich your life.

Red level will give you the fire, energy and strength spirit

for the whole day.

Green level will help you with the growth and self-development.

Blue level will give you the sense of airiness, sky and water.

Sunny yellow level brings you joy and an adventurism spirit.

Your every moment at our hotel must be magical.

Татьяна Ефимова

Tel.:+7 (843) 212 02 13

Gsm: +7 (986) 903 01 14

E-mail: tefimova@kazanpalace.com